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Frank Vogel Is Upset The Lakers Did Not Get A Championship Parade: "There's A Real Void Not Having That Experience."

Frank Vogel

Lakers coach Frank Vogel is still a little sour about 2020. When the Lakers won the title that year, it was during the height of the pandemic and the team never got to enjoy a Championship parade.

Speaking to the media after the Rams' Super Bowl victory on Sunday, Vogel mentioned how he felt not having that experience.

Frank Vogel congratulated the Rams on their title. When asked about how LAL never got a chance to celebrate their 2020 title w/fans + parade, said he’ll always feel a void, but:

“A lot of people missed out on a lot more things more important than that because of the pandemic."

The Championship victory parade is not just for the city. The players, coaches, and everyone else in the organization look forward to the event and all the celebrations that come with bringing home a title.

Because of lockdowns and restrictions, the Lakers never got the chance to celebrate their title and they might not get the chance again for a while.

"We didn’t get our parade coming off a great year and being a champion," said Rajon Rondo before the season. "I want to do it again. I want a parade here in LA. I think this is a special team that can possibly make that happen."

The Lakers, who are 26-31, are at 9th place in the West and 20.5 games back from the top seed.

LeBron James looks vulnerable, Anthony Davis cannot be counted on, and Russell Westbrook continues to struggle to fit in on a team that has already given up on him.

Now, there are talks of trading everyone and starting over completely. Needless to say, the road back to contention is long and challenging -- even more so now than it usually is for the Lakers.

It's really no wonder why watching the NFL Champs has Frank Vogel reflecting on better days and the Championship parade that he never got to experience.