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Gilbert Arenas: "If I’m Starting A Team With 1 Player, I’m Going LeBron, I Can Draft Anybody Around Him. If You Have Bron, It’s Easy To Get Kobe Bryant. Kobe Won’t Sacrifice For LeBron."

(via 6abc Philadelphia)

(via 6abc Philadelphia)

Gilbert Arenas was a major basketball star in the early and mid-2000s, securing 3 All-Star appearances, and 3 All-NBA selections during the prime of his career.

While he is now almost a full decade removed from his playing days, Arenas still keeps himself in the public eye, making frequent appearances in the media.

He showed up on "Club Shay Shay" early this month, where he made some news for his comments on LeBron James, who he told Shannon Sharpe was the guy he'd pick to start his franchise with.

“If I’m starting a team with 1 player, I’m going LeBron. I can draft anybody around him. If you have a Kobe, it’s hard to draft a LeBron. But if you have Bron, it’s easy to get Kobe. Kobe won’t sacrifice for LeBron. LeBron will sacrifice to bring Kobe on board."

LeBron gets a lot of credit for his amazing ability to adapt and make his teammate better. Whether it was with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami or Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love with the Cavaliers, James always finds a way to make it work and he's a fit for any roster.

Can the same be said for other stars? Certainly, people like MJ and Kobe were a little more set in their playstyle. Of course, both have more Championships than Bronm who just won his fourth.

Whatever your opinion on the matter, it is clear that when it comes to "King" James, being an awesome teammate is just one of the many things that have made him so great over his 17-year career.