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Gilbert Arenas On Dennis Schroder Rejecting $84M Lakers Extension: "No Matter What He Signs If It Doesn't Equal Up To 84 Million By The End Of The 2024-25 Season It Will Eat Him Up."

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NBA Rumors- Dennis Schroder Still Seeking $100-$120 Million Deal In Free Agency

A big storyline during free agency was Dennis Schroder, and where he would potentially end up. Schroder has recently signed with the Boston Celtics for $5.9 million, which is far less than the amount he desired.

During his time with the Los Angeles Lakers, Dennis Schroder notably rejected an $84 million extension, as he reportedly believed that he would be able to get a $100 million deal in free agency. Obviously, that hasn't been the case this season, and Schroder will have the opportunity to rebuild his value during his time with the Boston Celtics.

Famous Instagram page Ball Don't Stop has recently posted about Dennis Schroder, saying that he cannot dwell on missing out on the $84 million, and should focus on making the best of his year in Boston.

It is obvious that the best move for Schroder would be to forget about the missed money and focus on earning a lucrative deal next offseason. However, former All-Star Gilbert Arenas commented on the post and stated his belief that unless Dennis Schroder signs a deal that gets him $84 million in "the same time frame" as the original extension offered by the Lakers, missing out on signing it will "eat him up".

Gilbert Arenas On Dennis Schroder' Contract

This (will) eat him up unless he can make the money back in the same time frame. He had a 84 million for 4 year deal which means by the summer of 2025 he would have made 84 million starting at around 19 million the first year so year 1 this season coming up he's minus (13 million) for the up coming season. So to get back on track he will have to sign a deal next summer that starts at like 32 million just to have made the same amount for those two years. So no matter what he signs if it doesn't equal up to 84 million by the end of the 2024-25 season it will eat him up.

There is no question that Dennis Schroder missed out on an elite opportunity with the Los Angeles Lakers. However, he is a solid point guard, and more doors will likely open for him in the future. Hopefully, he is able to showcase himself with the Celtics, and eventually get that long-term big-money deal from a franchise in the future.