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Golden State Warriors Troll Klay Thompson With A #77 Jersey After NBA 75 List Snub

Golden State Warriors Troll Klay Thompson With A #77 Jersey After NBA 75 List Snub

Klay Thompson can't catch a break this week. The Golden State Warriors superstar was left off the All-Time NBA 75 list, which didn't sit well with him and plenty of fans around the league. 

The shooting guard sent two big messages to the people who voted for the list, saying he considered himself part of the list. Then, the next day, Klay stated that he was still mad about getting snubbed from this list, vowing to prove doubters wrong once he returns from a torn Achilles. 

While he's trying to get over that, the Warriors pulled a joke on Thompson, making a jersey to commemorate his snub. The Dubs changed Klay's number and gave him a new one, #77, to 'celebrate' this achievement. 

Stephen Curry and Draymond Green starred in a video showing the jersey hanging in Thompson's locker, with Green telling his teammate to laugh a little. 

#77 was the number because 76 players were selected to the list due to a tie. Therefore, it makes sense that Klay is the next one. It must be upsetting that somebody else got on the list due to a tie and it wasn't the Splash Brother. 

Klay still has time to show his quality in the league and climb positions on this list and make it to the top 100 in 25 years. Still, that doesn't take anything away from him. Thompson changed the game of basketball alongside Stephen Curry and he deserves his respect.

Perhaps this upcoming season, with all the fuel he's gotten in recent days, becomes the campaign where he establishes himself as one of the best players to ever do it. 

The Warriors hope to get a hungry and angry player. Klay will return in December/January, ready to set the league on fire with his 3-point shooting.