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Goran Dragic Says Luka Doncic Can Easily Score 60 Points If He Focuses Just On Scoring

Goran Dragic Says Luka Doncic Can Easily Score 60 Points If He Focuses Just On Scoring

Luka Doncic is having a terrific 2021/22 NBA season turning things around after a slow start. The Slovenian point guard is doing his thing once again, beating big rivals in recent times. After a big win over the Brooklyn Nets, where he assisted Spencer Dinwiddie's game-winning 3-pointer, everybody praised the player. 

The 22-year-old player almost recorded a triple-double, dropping 37 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists against the Brooklynites in another impressive performance for the Slovenian. 

Following the match, his fellow countryman and good friend Goran Dragic showered Doncic is praise, even claiming that he could easily go for 60 points every night if he focused on himself. However, Luka has matured and now is trying to involve everybody around him. 

Dragic had the not-so-easy job of guarding the wonderboy, but it was really difficult to stop the inspired guard. 

“I tried to make tough on him,” Dragic said, via the Dallas Morning News. “But you have to know that he’s a huge dude, man. He put you on your hip, and it’s really tough to stop him.

“If he’s making that stepback shot, he’s basically unguardable. … He can go for 60 easy, but you can see that he gets [everybody] involved, so you have to defend him. But, then you have to shrink the floor. But, then he finds open guys, and you have a constant rotation, trying to scramble [like] this, and it’s tough.”

Doncic is still trying to help his team compete for an NBA championship and adding Spencer Dinwiddie in exchange for Kristaps Porzingis has proven to be a good move by the Texan squad. They confirmed that their duo is great when the former Nets and Wizards player hit the game-winner against Brooklyn. 

Jason Kidd hopes to see these two keeping this good level and becoming the duo that will take the Mavs to the promised land for the second time in franchise history.