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Grant Hill On The Scottie Pippen And Michael Jordan Beef: "It's Sad In A Lot Of Ways."

Grant Hill On The Scottie Pippen/Michael Jordan Beef: "It's Sad In A Lot Of Ways."

At the height of their run, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen achieved other-worldly success with the Chicago Bulls. In a span of just 8 years, they captured six Championships in what is widely considered one of the most dominant stretches in league history.

Despite this amazing feat, Pippen and Jordan are at odds today, mostly due to how Michael portrayed his former co-star in 'The Last Dance' documentary.

In the weeks that have followed, Pippen has taken repeated shots at MJ, at one point even going so far as to call him selfish.

This is the state of their relationship today, and many (including Grant Hill) are saddened by how it has turned out.

"It’s sad in a lot of ways," said Hill in recent appearance on 'The Real.' "You know, we all watched The Last Dance, Michael, the greatness of those teams, and Scottie, his contributions and his role and just the greatness that they embodied and just how together they were and how they dominated. It was tough for me because I’m playing against them and all of us in the NBA. But I’m friends with both, I’m fans [of] both. And you just hate to see that legacy now tainted by this sort of back-and-forth. And so, look, Scottie has every right to tell his truth and share his struggles and frustrations. I wish it didn’t come to that. It’s unfortunate, but you can’t discredit what they did together. It was incredible, one of the best duos in the history of not just the NBA but the history of sport."

Pippen and Jordan's partnership was huge for the NBA and transformed the league in ways we're still trying to understand. To say the pair inspire many with their play would be an understatement.

So after achieving so much success together, it's a real shame that their relationship has deteriorated so much.

Maybe if both of them just sit down and talk things out, they can reach a resolution and put this unfortunate rivalry behind them once and for all.