Gregg Popovich On Ben Simmons: “He’s So Elite Already, Who Gives A Damn If He Can't Shoot.”

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Gregg Popovich had a very on-point assessment of the Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons and the criticism he receives from fans, other players, and media members. The Australian point guard is anything but a shooter and people seem to be really bothered by that.

Ben can do everything else you ask him to do, even defend the best player of the rival team, but the general consensus around the league is that he should add a jumper to his offensive arsenal and that would take his game to the next level. Well, Popovich agrees with that notion but he also says that his talents are enough for him and he's already elite.

Talking with reporters ahead of the Sixers-Spurs game on Sunday, the veteran head coach lauded the young player and claimed that he's good right where he is so a jumper shouldn't be the biggest concern for him.

“It would enhance his game, obviously. That can’t be argued with,” said Popovich, via NBC Sports. “But all of his physical skills, basketball skills, the way he understands the game, as unselfish as he is — he’s so elite already, who gives a damn if he can’t shoot?”

The 76ers ended up beating Popovich and his Spurs, 134-99, getting their third post-All-Star break, even without Joel Embiid on the floor. Now Simmons needs to step up and keep this team competing at the same level they competed before JoJo went down with an injury.

He has shown that's not a problem for him and the Sixers can manage to live without the Cameroonian for a couple of weeks. Ben and co. dominated the Spurs to remain the leaders of the Eastern Conference with a 27-12 record.