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Gregg Popovich Speaks About Tim Duncan's Greatness With The San Antonio Spurs: "No Duncan, No Championships."

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Tim Duncan is a top-10 player in NBA history and is the greatest player who has ever put on a San Antonio Spurs jersey. His stoic nature and fundamentally sound style of play were extremely effective, as he has won 5 championships with the San Antonio Spurs and 3 Finals MVP awards. Needless to say, Tim Duncan is an extremely accomplished player and is one of the best superstars who have played the game.

Gregg Popovich has recently spoken on how Tim Duncan has affected the San Antonio Spurs as a franchise. Tim Duncan's name will forever be enshrined in San Antonio and the Hall of Fame. Popovich's words to the reporter were simple, but they perfectly highlighted Duncan's value to the Spurs. (1:50)

On a professional level, the most concise way to put it, no Duncan, no championships.

He led by example... it's just how he rolls. With his teammates, he set the quiet example of competing every day, whether it was practice, shootaround... he always took the lead, even Manu and Tony looked towards him. He gave them himself in a very humble and quiet way.

What made the San Antonio Spurs dynasty possible is the continued greatness of Tim Duncan, and he is one of the most lethal superstars who has ever played the game. While Tim Duncan's game wasn't as flashy as someone like Michael Jordan, it was certainly effective. Tim Duncan's two-way presence made him one of the most impactful superstars on the court, and he has the accomplishments to show that.