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"I Don't Know If Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant Will Respect Any Coach You Give Them", Says NBA Analyst

Kevin Durant’s Manager Addresses Kyrie Irving’s Future With The Brooklyn Nets: “I Understand How Confusing The Constant Conversation Is. In Reality, They Lost. So They Gotta Look At Their Team… At The End Of The Day We’re Trying To Win Championships”

The Brooklyn Nets went into the postseason with some optimism considering that Kyrie Irving would be allowed to play at home in the playoffs and their roster was looking healthy. They got through the play-in tournament just fine, earning a series against the Boston Celtics, but everything has gone terribly for the franchise since then. 

The Nets find themselves down 3-0 in the series, with Ben Simmons recently getting ruled out for Game 4. Brooklyn, touted to be the strongest lower-seed in the entire NBA, might end up being the only team getting swept. The Celtics' defense has suffocated Brooklyn and held Kevin Durant to some truly shocking shooting numbers from the floor. As such, some of the blame has also been given to Steve Nash for failing to create more offense with the talent at his disposal. 

And with rumors that a sweep might be the end of Nash with the Nets, some fans and media members have already started wondering who the next coach for this team will be. Although NBA analyst Jeff Goodman, speaking on 'The Greg Hill Show', has suggested that it really won't matter who the coach is. 

“I feel so bad for Steve Nash,” Goodman said. “Like, honestly, you come into your coaching career and he’s the nicest, most positive human being in the world. But you’ve got to deal with, come on, James Harden, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant …

“Who are you going to use to coach? Like seriously, go pick somebody. It doesn’t matter who you pick to coach Kyrie and KD, who do you want to pick? Mike Krzyzewski? Is he going to want to deal with them? I know they have respect for him, but they have respect for him when he was coaching them for Team USA and at Duke in college. I don’t know if those guys are going to have respect for anybody coaching them.

“I think if I was him I’d be like, I’m done. This isn’t worth it. It’s not worth it. I mean seriously, you don’t even get to coach.”

The Nets have dealt with several issues off the court this season, something happened to make James Harden want to leave, and Kyrie Irving was dealing with the results of him not getting the Covid-19 vaccine. This has been a rough situation for players and Steve Nash alike, and it remains to be seen what they do to fix this before it's time to go again next season.