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“I Would Take Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving Over LeBron James And Anthony Davis," Says Skip Bayless

(via New York Post)

(via New York Post)

FOX Sports analyst Skip Bayless has made himself famous for his controversial takes, especially those relating to LeBron James.

In a recent episode of UNDISPUTED, Mr. Bayless captured headlines again for making another highly arguable point, saying he'd rather have Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving over LeBron James and Anthony Davis (who just came off an NBA Championship).

“I would take KD and Kyrie over LeBron and AD. Their combined clutchness is at a supreme level.”

Obviously, Skip is as big a LeBron critic as they get. Despite the fact that they just won a Chip, Skip isn't going to sing any praises.

In this case, however, he may be on to something. While KD and Uncle Drew have not yet won a title together, their scoring ability is truly unmatched. They're averaging a combined 56.6 points per game this season, and that's just in their first 4 games playing together. Their "clutchness" is also undeniable, as both have a track record for taking, and making, big shots.

While they certainly have a lot to prove, it's not ridiculous to think Durant and Irving could one day take the throne as the league's best pairing.

For now, though, Skip seems to be in the minority.