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Iman Shumpert Wants To Play For The Lakers Days After He Said LeBron James Ruined Basketball

Iman Shumpert Wants To Play For The Lakers Days After He Said LeBron James Ruined Basketball

LeBron James has reunited with old teammates during his time with the Lakers, and this season hasn't been the exception. The King recently played with Isaiah Thomas again, and that's not the only player we could see sharing touches with Bron again.

In fact, two former teammates could find their way to Los Angeles if the COVID-19 outbreak keeps bothering the 17-time NBA champions. IT is gone now, but two other candidates could land in SoCal to help James and the struggling Lakers. 

Christian Rivas of Silver Screen and Roll writes that Michael Beasley and Iman Shumpert are interested in joining the Purple and Gold amid the COVID-19 spike around the league. Shumpert made a case for himself on “The Bootleg Kev Podcast,” stating he's ready to join LeBron and Carmelo Anthony again. 

“That’s on Bron, man. Bron know where I’m at. Bron, you know what time it is, man. That’s on you. You know who you can call. Melo, too. It ain’t just on Bron, I lied: Melo, that’s on you too. I don’t want to hear nothing about y’all little defensive issues and leadership and veteran issues. I don’t want to hear that out of them two.”

This is curious, knowing that Shumpert stated in the same interview that James ruined basketball when he joined the Miami Heat in 2010. That decision was met with a lot of criticism for James, and it seems like nothing has changed after 11 years. 

“Bron ruined basketball. he thought he was making it better I get him. Me personally, I love the NBA for the loyalty that I thought was there. He basically knocked the fourth wall down like the organisation they bullsh*tting, we doing what we want. Great business move for sure but when you think about it outside looking in like, I got people tweeting me right now. They like literally talking about owners and trades, it’s like bro y’all aren’t supposed to be talking about none of this actually.”

Even though Iman clarified he wasn't hating on LeBron, not everybody thinks that way. Seeing that Joe Johnson returned to the league at age 40, it wouldn't be crazy seeing Shumpert making a comeback, but it's hard to see him wearing a Lakers jersey right now. 

Still, this is the NBA, and we've seen crazier things before. The Lakers must make some changes to improve their form and climb positions in the Western Conference standings. It's not like Shumpert will create a superteam, but he could bring some good things off the bench.