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In 48 Hours, Dennis Rodman Didn't Practice, Beat DDP, Win The NBA Finals And Celebrated With Carmen Electra

Credit: The Last Dance

Credit: The Last Dance

Dennis Rodman had one of the best streaks in NBA history with the Chicago Bulls and not precisely the three titles he won with the team from 1996 through 1998. During the last year of that three-peat, Rodman was involved in several controversies and that included the Finals, where Rodman starred in one of the weirdest moments in the Finals history.

During the last two episodes of 'The Last Dance', we recalled the time Rodman missed a Bulls practice after Game 3 of the Finals. Why? He decided it was a good time to try his luck as a pro wrestler, even if it was for one night. Dennis made an appearance on WCW's 'Monday Night Nitro' with Hulk Hogan, where he beat Diamond Dallas Page with a chair.

"I wasn't trying to do anything," Rodman said in the episode. "I was just trying to play basketball, party, da, da, da, da. F--k all the girls. Just be me. Dennis s--t, you know."

"He took a detour from playing with the Bulls to become a wrestler with Hulk Hogan," Rodman's ex-wife Carmen Electra said.

Fortunately for everybody, Dennis' surprising trips didn't affect his performance during that series. He even scored a game-clinching free throw the next match and later would become an NBA champion for the third straight year.

That's gotta be one of the greatest streaks in the history of sports. He joined forces with a wrestling legend in Hulk Hogan, beat another one in DDP, made a big shot in an NBA game, won the title, and then, he celebrated with Carmen Electra, one of the hottest women alive.

It does look like Dennis had a lot of fun that year.