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Ja Morant And Jonathan Kuminga Trade Jabs On Twitter: "Gotta Earn Some Stripes First Kid"

Ja Morant And Jonathan Kuminga Trade Jabs On Twitter: "Gotta Earn Some Stripes First Kid"

The Memphis Grizzlies-Golden State Warriors second-round series came to an end on Friday night, with the latter taking care of things and advancing to the Western Conference finals after a three-year absence. This duel was full of controversy from the very beginning, with Draymond Green, Dillon Brooks and more starring in moments that earned them a lot of criticism. It was a physical and intense duel that was played off the court, too. 

Even after everything was said and done, players from both teams made some statements that raised some eyebrows around the league. Dillon Brooks and Stephen Curry had some interesting things to say, but they weren't alone. 

Ja Morant and Jonathan Kuminga engaged in a little back and forth on social media, exchanging shots after the game and the series were over. First, Kuminga mocked the Grizzlies and quoted Stephen Curry's game plan ahead of Game 6:

"Whoop that ……. 🤪," the young player wrote. 

Ja Morant didn't appreciate those comments and told the rookie to have a reputation before making those comments:

"gotta earn some stripes first kid 😂😂," Morant replied to Kuminga. 

The Warriors player wasn't having any of that and sent a short but strong response to the Grizzlies young superstar:

"🤣🤐 … I ain’t gotta say too much," Kuminga clapped back. 

Many people see this duel as the next big rivalry in the Western Conference, and it seems like the players are embracing that. Morant isn't afraid of anybody, and sometimes can take things too far on social media, while Kuminga isn't ducking any smoke and won't miss his chance to celebrate his team's success. 

Now the Dubs are waiting for one of the Phoenix Suns or Dallas Mavericks in the WCF, ready to show them that they're back.