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Ja Morant Responds To Christmas Day Matchup With The Warriors: "We Got What We Wanted Dray..."

Ja Morant Responds To Christmas Day Matchup With The Warriors: "We Got What We Wanted Dray..."

As announced earlier today, the Golden State Warriors will be hosting the Memphis Grizzlies for one of this season's Christmas Day games.

It's probably going to be among the most exciting matchups of the day, and for more reasons than one. As two of the best teams and most exciting in the West, watching them face off will be a lot of fun to watch on the court.

But there's also another element to all of this that only adds anticipation to the matchup.

In the last playoff bracket, the two teams faced off in the Western Conference Semi-Finals, and things got pretty heated. Words were exchanged, questionable players were made, and feelings were hurt on both sides.

At one point, after losing the series, Ja Morant spoke about a rematch for Christmas.

"I'm coming to you then. Tell em book data sh*t. I'm on yo block," Morant said.

Draymond Green later responded with some words of his own:

"To show you the level of oblivion, by the way. Ja [Morant] told me on Twitter, ‘Yeah, bring them to the M for Christmas.’ F**k no, nobody's coming to Memphis for Christmas, number one. Number two, the champs don't travel for Christmas ... I said shout out to LJ, Bron changed that rule years ago where you win the championship you play at home, so maybe we'll see them kids in the bay for Christmas Day," Green said. "I'll invite them over for dinner. They can have dinner with me and my family after we beat them on Christmas day if that game happens."

With the Christmas Day rematch pretty much confirmed at this point, Ja and Draymond will get the chance to battle it out again on the world stage, and it's a moment Morant is clearly looking forward to.

No doubt, as the defending champs, the Warriors should be seen as the favorites -- not only to win Christmas Day but to win the championship again this upcoming season.

If the Grizzlies, or any other team, hopes to beat them, they will need to be nearly perfect on the court.