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Ja Morant Roasts Grizzlies Reporter Who Criticized His Twitter Usage: "It Get Me Paid Sister. More Than What You Get For Putting Out BS."

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Ja Morant On His Motivations For This Season: "I Feel Like It Took Me Averaging 35 Points A Game To Finally Get Some All-Star Recognition. I Was In Position To Be An All-Star My First Two Years And Didn’t Make It. That Bothered Me A Lot."

On the court, Ja Morant is known for his aggressive playstyle. He often drives to the rim which results in either a scored bucket with a beautiful finish or an opportunity for his teammates. It is clear that he is confident in himself and his abilities.

Off the court, he is also known for not holding his tongue and speaking what's on his mind. That confidence Ja Morant shows on the court also shows in what he says to others, and he's known to have trolled people on social media before.

Recently, Ja Morant has roasted Grizzlies reporter Nathan Chester who criticized him for using Twitter during his rehab. Morant stated that Twitter gets him paid and stated that he gets paid more than what Chester does for "putting out bs".

It seems as though this little Twitter spat between the reporter and Morant began with a tweet from Grizzly Bear Blues that joked about Nathan Chester thinking that Ja Morant was holding the Grizzlies back. 

It is clear that this is definitely not true. Ja Morant was a key part of the Grizzlies being able to defeat the Warriors in the play-in tournament last season. He has also made himself a candidate for the Most Improved Player award with his play, and many consider Ja Morant the future of the Grizzlies.

It is clear that Ja Morant's haters will receive pushback on Twitter. We've often seen players call out reporters for bad opinions on social media, and it seems as though this is the case here.

Hopefully, Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies find a way to make the playoffs once again. They are currently 10-10, and it's obvious that losing center Jonas Valanciunas in a trade with the Pelicans has hurt the team. Perhaps the Grizzlies will figure things out soon, and Ja Morant will be a crucial part of that process.