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Ja Morant Trolls NBA Referee That Looks Like Rapper Gucci Mane

Ja Morant Gucci Mane

Ja Morant is quickly becoming one of the NBA's premier players. Morant has been on fire to start the season, and is continuing on the trajectory he started in his rookie season when he won the NBA Rookie Of The Year award ahead of Zion Williamson, the standout player from his draft class.

Since then, he has brought the Memphis Grizzlies back into playoff contention and is now playing at a very high level. Many fans expect Morant to make his first All-Star game this season. If he can continue this form, no one will be able to deny his place as an All-Star.

But off the court, Morant is one of the funniest NBA players. On opening night, Morant poked fun at Kyrie Irving's situation that is prohibiting him from playing games by wearing his shoes on opening night and posting about it in a coy Tweet.

And now, Morant had basketball and hip-hop fans in splits with his latest comment on Twitter. Reposting a picture shared by NBA Latin America on Twitter, Morant poked fun at the fact that the referee he is standing next to looks identical to popular Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane.

Fans were laughing not just because Morant made a great joke, but because it was eerily accurate. A quick comparison of the two shows that Morant was actually right and that both the referee and Gucci Mane look very similar to each other.

Regardless of his humor off the court, Morant has meant business on the court. Morant is actually leading the NBA in paint scoring, despite being one of the smallest players in the league. Morant actually pointed out that despite his size, he seems to be thriving in the paint.

Going forward, Morant may be able to take the biggest leap of his career this season. And the way he has been playing, it might just be a formality for what many fans have accepted; Morant is a superstar in the making.