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Ja Morant Pokes Fun At Kyrie Irving After Wearing His Shoes On Opening Night

Ja Morant Pokes Fun At Kyrie Irving After Wearing His Shoes On Opening Night

Kyrie Irving's decision to not get vaccinated has been a subject of massive debate among the NBA community. Because Irving chose not to get vaccinated, he is not allowed to play home games for the Brooklyn Nets, thanks to the vaccine mandate imposed in New York. 

As a result, the Brooklyn Nets decided that he would not be a part of the team until he decided to get vaccinated, and becomes eligible to play all the games of the season. It was a tough decision for the Nets to make, given the quality of player that Irving is. But they felt that his quality was not worth disrupting team chemistry.

Going forward, there are questions about whether Irving will actually take this vaccine or not. But until he does, he will have to get used to not playing for the Nets. For Brooklyn, they will be missing out on their third superstar, which will affect their championship aspirations. 

Despite the gravity of the situation, people have been able to have a little fun over this situation. Grizzlies point guard Ja Morant has joined in on this. On opening night, Morant wore Irving's signature Kyrie 1s. 

Replying to a picture of them, Morant wrote 'Kyrie One opening night', which also sounds like Kyrie won opening night, a sly dig at Irving missing games because of his vaccination status.

Clearly, Morant was just having some light fun at Irving's expense and didn't have any malicious intent when making the joke. For Kyrie Irving, his focus is now going to be on his health and family and making the best decision for them.

Irving has had a lot of detractors, who have slammed him for not getting the vaccine. But he has also had his fair share of supporters who applauded him for standing by his decision. Most recently, singer Chris Brown came out and called Irving a 'hero' for taking this stand.