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Chris Brown Backs Kyrie Irving For Not Taking The Vaccine: "The Real Hero. I Stand With My Brother... It's His Choice And A Damn Good One."

Chris Brown Back Kyrie Irving For Not Taking The Vaccine: "The Real Hero. I Stand With My Brother... Its His Choice And A Damn Good One."

Kyrie Irving has drawn a lot of criticism from fans and analysts over his decision to not get vaccinated. The Brooklyn Nets point guard has been left out of the team because of his decision, due to the vaccine mandate in New York only allowing him to play half the games in the NBA season.

The Nets decided that having Irving for only half the games in a season would be detrimental to team chemistry, and the best course of action would be to shelve Irving until he decides to get vaccinated and becomes eligible to play all games of the season.

A lot of people have weighed in on the situation, with most criticizing Irving for his decision to not get the shot. Kyrie himself has clarified that he isn't anti-vax and wants to take his time in order to make the right decision for himself and his family, and also take a stand against vaccine mandates costing people their jobs.

Whereas some have questioned the application of the vaccine mandate. Stan Van Gundy questioned why Kyrie was not allowed to play in New York, but unvaccinated players from different teams would not have to face the same restrictions.

But now, Kyrie has found an unlikely ally. Singer Chris Brown took to Instagram to put up a story where he defends Kyrie, calling him a hero, and saying that people don't get to have an opinion on his decision. Finally, he lauds Kyrie for the decision he's taking, calling it a 'damn good one'.

“The Real Hero!!!! I stand with my brother."

“WHOEVER DON’T LIKE IT....go live your own damn life..,”


Those who have supported Kyrie's right to his decision haven't had it easy. Jay Williams revealed that he even got death threats for his support of Irving. So clearly, there is a lot of anger toward Irving and his decision.

For the time being, he is out for the Nets. And Brooklyn will be worried about the future of their franchise, as James Harden rejected a contract extension. This could be in order to maximize his earnings as a free agent, but there isn't a lot of clarity. Regardless, their hope is that Irving will eventually get the shot and return to the team.