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Ja Morant Trolls Karl-Anthony Towns For Trash-Talking: "We In Minnesota Now"

Ja Morant Trolls Karl-Anthony Towns For Trash-Talking: "We In Minnesota Now"

The Memphis Grizzlies and the Minnesota Timberwolves are having quite a heated first-round series. This was to be expected, as they are both young teams that need to prove a point and not cower under the bright lights. So far, Memphis has definitely done a better job of that by responding with two wins after they lost Game 1.

Game 3 was a great win for the Grizz, as they overcame a near-20 point deficit to take the win. They outscored Minnesota by 25 points in the final quarter to leave the game as 9-point winners. The Wolves definitely didn't expect that, based on some early trash talk by Karl-Anthony Towns when the Wolves were still leading in the second quarter. 

After the game, Ja Morant saw the clip of KAT saying 'we in Minnesota now' while trying to imply that the Grizz had it easier due to their home-court advantage. Memphis ripped that idea up and Morant has hopped on Twitter to acknowledge what KAT said and remind him that he just lost at home in an embarrassing way, 

Minnesota players need to dial the trash talk down a little. While it was a nice identity for them, they need to remember they are the seventh seed going up against the second seed. They are outmatched in that regard and have been humbled two games in a row. 

Putting their heads down and focusing on getting a positive Game 4 result should be their priority, rather than puffing up their chests every time anything goes even remotely well for them.

The Grizzlies have been doing a lot of the same aggressive trash talk, but at least they have the record that backs it up. Along with that, Memphis has been responding to high-pressure games really well and now have taken control of the series.