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Jackie MacMullan Reveals The Heartbreaking Moment She Accidently Broke The News That Rajon Rondo Tore His ACL

Rajon Rondo

On January 25, 2013, then-Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo tore his ACL when he jumped to make a pass in the paint and landed awkwardly on his right leg.

It was a crushing moment for Rondo and the Celtics, and one that ESPN reporter Jackie MacMullan unintentionally broke for Rondo all those years ago.

As she recently revealed on the Bill Simmons podcast, she was the one who first broke the news to Rondo about the status of his injury, which she still thinks about today.

"Rondo comes walking in... and I said "Hey. God I'm sorry" he goes "What do you mean?" "You know about your knee?" He's looking at me and I go "You tore your ACL" he's looking at me and he says "Nobody's told me that yet" and I was like "uhh...""

Rondo only played 30 games in the following season and was eventually traded to Dallas not long after. Now, he's about to enter his 17th season at 36 years old.

His career is almost over now and he knows it. But still, he looks back with nothing but appreciation for what he has been able to accomplish.

“It’s life. I’m on my last leg here in the league. I think I got another six years, but other than that. It’s been an amazing journey in my career,” Rondo said. “To start in Boston, nine years, this is kind of place that raised me and possibly ending my career with the rival, but for me, like there’s been a great journey, a great story and fans have been amazing in both places.”

Rondo bounced back from his ACL and went on to maintain his place as one of the best guards in basketball. While he is not the player he used to be, he has more than shown that he belongs in the league.

It's just unfortunate that he found out about a potentially life-changing injury in such an awkward way.