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Jalen Rose Claims The Brooklyn Nets Have No Reason To Panic With Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving: "They're In Contract And They're Going To Be As Motivated As Any Players In The League"

Former Nets All-Star Kenny Anderson Urges Kyrie Irving And Kevin Durant To Make Another Run With The Team

The Brooklyn Nets, for the last two seasons, have been expected to challenge for an NBA championship, but for some reason or the other, that has not been the case. Be it injuries or some players simply quitting on the team, the Nets have never even made it to the Eastern Conference Finals despite boasting the likes of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden.

Given how underwhelming the last two seasons have been, it was unsurprising to see that Durant demanded a trade from the team as soon as the free agency market kicked in. Durant demanding a trade also meant that the reports of a Kyrie Irving trade became rampant as well. While it has been more than a month, none of the moves have come any close to happening. 

Given the lack of headway both the trades are seeing right now, there might be a possibility that the Nets might end up having both of their superstars for the upcoming season. Former Indiana Pacers guard Jalen Rose certainly thinks so. In a recent appearance in Jalen and Jacoby, Rose said that the Brooklyn Nets franchise should not panic over the potential departure of the duo.

"Name me a team that has two top 10 players other than the Nets. The point I'm trying to make is: This is uniquely special. This is uniquely special, to have two of the top 10, or even 12 players in the league. So, if only a couple of teams can do that, why panic? They're in the contract. And they're going to be as motivated as (any) players in the league... The one thing that got lost about Kyrie missing games not being vaccinated is he still loves basketball, and he's really good at it. And he's gonna be motivated."

 The Nets certainly are well equipped to challenge for a title if the duo of KD and Kyrie end up staying. With Ben Simmons coming back and the Nets adding some much-needed veteran presence, Brooklyn has done their task of building a decent enough supporting unit alongside Irving and Durant. 

With reports that Irving is content with the Nets and Durant's move seemingly coming to a halt, if the Nets can keep the two stars they have on their roster, Brooklyn might end up being a top team next season.