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Jalen Rose's Hilarious Comments On Bronny's Incident: "LeBron Trynna Get To The Crib. Lakers In 3."

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LeBron James Jr. has been in everybody's mouths in recent hours after he posted a video of himself smoking what appeared to be a marijuana blunt. Bronny was quick to delete the post from his IG account but fans were quicker to record the sequence and spread it all over social media.

Bronny went viral and now everybody is wondering what was LeBron's reaction to the incident. Well, according to Jalen Rose, the King will play at such a great level that he'd leave the bubble in no time just to see Bronny and ask him what he was thinking. During Saturday's edition of ESPN's 'NBA Countdown', Rose made some hilarious comments about his teenage days and how LeBron is trying to get the heck out of the bubble as soon as possible to go check on Bronny.

"The Lakers are going the championship this year," Rose started. "I got social media on my phone, I've been 15 years old, ok? I was in my mid-20s acting 15. LeBron trynna get to the crib, so if you ask me about the Lakers, Lakers in 3."

He was telling the rest of the crew the Lakers are going to sweep the Nuggets so things can be easier for Bron to return home. This whole Bronny situation has been hot in the last couple of hours. Rose isn't the type of guy who will remain silent when these things happen.

Not so long ago he talked about NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. in the same show when OBJ was accused of doing some unusual practices during sex. Jalen will just say whatever comes to his mind, he doesn't care who he talks about and fans love it.