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Jamal Crawford Says Anyone Getting Compared To Michael Jordan Is Disrespectful: "Everyone You Compare Him To Has Flaws."

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Michael Jordan Explained Why He Never Truly Improved His 3-Point Shooting: "That’s Not My Mentality, And I Don’t Want To Create It Because It Takes Away From The Other Parts Of My Game”

Michael Jordan is widely viewed as the GOAT of basketball, and for good reason. His trophy cabinet has 6 championships, and had he not taken a break to play baseball, many people believe he could have potentially won 8. There is no doubt that he inspired many to play the sport of basketball, and he remains a legend to many current players.

Since Michael Jordan retired, many people were compared to him, in terms of greatness and playstyle. There was Kobe Bryant, who mimicked Jordan's playstyle and won 5 championships during his career. LeBron James is still playing, and many have suggested that he is the GOAT over Jordan, as he has longevity and almost an equal amount of championships, with more Finals appearances.

However, former Sixth Man of the Year Jamal Crawford has stated that it is "disrespectful" to compare anyone to Michael Jordan, as all the players that Jordan has been compared to have "flaws".

There are few players who have an all-around game that can be considered in the same breath as Michael Jordan. There's no question that he had a versatile offensive game, and his three-level scoring was crucial for the Chicago Bulls during that era.

Some will point to Michael Jordan's 3PT shooting as a flaw, but his era wasn't necessarily conducive to high-volume perimeter shooting. He has also been able to hit those shots when they matter in the playoffs and had some playoff runs where he shot above average from range.

Even though Michael Jordan has previously declined to be called the GOAT, it is clear that sometimes, that honor isn't something you call yourself. A lot of people view him as the best player to have ever lived, and for good reason. It remains to be seen if someone can eventually best Jordan in the eyes of fans, but thus far, there are few players that have even come close.