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James Harden Was Pissed Off After Hearing Questions About Kyrie Irving: "No I Haven't Talked To Him!"

James Harden Was Pissed Off After Hearing Question About Kyrie Irving: "No I Haven't Talked To Him!"

The Brooklyn Nets have made a decision to move forward without Kyrie Irving going into the new season. The All-Star guard has shown hesitation to get the vaccine, which would not allow him to play in the Barclays Center. 

Rather than having Kyrie play a part of the season, the Nets chose not to do that and keep him away till he decides to get the vaccine and become eligible to play again. But they may have to accept the fact Kyrie will not be playing for them anytime soon, especially after his recent comments.

In the absence of Kyrie, the Nets' other superstars like Kevin Durant and James Harden will have an increased responsibility to keep things running smoothly. While both players are excellent scorers and former MVPs, the loss of Kyrie will be one that hurts.

But it appears that they were involved in the Brooklyn Nets' decision to not use Kyrie. Given their status as superstars, the Nets front office would have consulted them before making a final decision. Could this mean that patience is running thin between Durant and Harden?

Harden's reaction to a question about Kyrie Irving could suggest so. During a recent press interaction, a reporter asked James Harden whether he had spoken to Kyrie. Harden seemed to be irritated when he responded saying he hadn't, and quickly walked away, thus ending the reaction.

"No, I haven't talked to him."

Perhaps Harden may have been annoyed by the repeated focus on Kyrie, especially after the Nets' statement about him. On the other hand, some fans are speculating that there may be some underlying tension over Irving's reluctance to get vaccinated, thus hurting the Nets' chances at a championship next season.

Irving went on Instagram live to deny rumors about him being anti-vax or even on the verge of retiring. Regardless of his reasons for not getting the vaccine, the fact remains that Kyrie will not be playing any games for the Nets unless and until he changes his mind and gets vaccinated.