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James Worthy Gives Advice To Anthony Davis After Lakers Lose To Suns: "When You See The Way You're Being Punked In The Paint, Someone's Gotta Take Care Of That, And He's The Guy To Do It."

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Richard Jefferson Calls Out Anthony Davis: "The Reason Why I Call You A Top Five Talent And Not A Top Five Player Is Because Top Five Players Do It Every Single Night."

Anthony Davis is known as one of the most versatile big men in the game, being able to do a little bit of everything on the court. He is a two-way force, and there's no doubt that he's a top-tier player.

When playing against the Phoenix Suns, Anthony Davis had a subpar night, only shooting 6-18 from the field. There's no doubt that this performance is not representative of his talent, and hopefully, we see better play from him sooner rather than later.

Lakers legend James Worthy had a piece of advice for Anthony Davis following the loss, stating that he can "dominate the paint" and he needs to "do it every night". A lot of people have suggested that Anthony Davis should be playing on the interior more often already, rather than relying on his perimeter skills. James Worthy also suggested that Anthony Davis should be playing center.

If I were to see a game like this one... and I see how we had nothing in the paint. We have one guy who can dominate the paint and that's AD.

DeAndre and Dwight they get their lobs, which I don't think they got any.

After a game like tonight, if I were AD, I would live in that paint. I would start... my first 10 shots would be in the paint... Take my time, make some willing passes. That's where it is.

Out there, 12 feet, you're trying to go 1 on 1 after no movement, shooting fadeaway jumpers... To me, I just think he's our 5.

He's the guy that needs to go down in there, get damn nasty, and do it every night. Until the team just can't take it anymore... when you see the way you're being punked in the paint, someone's gotta take care of it, and he's the guy to do it.

It remains to be seen if Frank Vogel will make an adjustment to his starting lineup, and put Anthony Davis at the center position. James Worthy isn't the only great to say that Anthony Davis should be playing as a center, and Magic Johnson previously stated that the Lakers should "tell Anthony Davis he's going to have to play more center" during the offseason.

Hopefully, the Los Angeles Lakers can figure it out, and some of their problems can definitely be attributed to having a lot of new players and chemistry issues. Perhaps with a few changes, they'll be on their way to looking like the contender many predicted them to be.