Magic Johnson: "Tell Anthony Davis He’s Going To Have To Play More Center Now. You Can’t Allow Him To Say, ‘Hey Man I Don’t Want To Play Center.’ No No No No No, First Of All You’re With The Lakers And We’re Trying To Win."

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Report: Anthony Davis To Return To Lakers Lineup On Thursday vs. Dallas Mavericks

The Los Angeles Lakers are a team that disappointed this season, right after winning the NBA championship during the 2019-20 season. They were defeated by the Phoenix Suns in 6 games, and it is clear that something needs to be changed next season.

Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson has recently revealed what it will take for the Lakers to improve this season. Johnson suggested that the key to the Lakers improving next season would be Anthony Davis playing at center, and the Los Angeles Lakers acquiring another shooter. He also suggested acquiring a new point guard to lessen the load on LeBron James. (4:35)

Give LeBron and AD a shooter. And also, tell AD he’s going to have to play more center now. You can’t allow him to say, ‘Hey man I don’t want to play center. No no no no no, first of all you’re with the Lakers and we’re trying to win. And for me, I would move LeBron back down, we’re asking him to do too much. You can’t ask LeBron to be the point guard. That means you’re working hard, you’re bringing the ball up, getting everybody into the offense, so when can LeBron rest? You have to understand we want LeBron fresh for the playoffs. So let somebody else bring it to him.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Rob Pelinka will certainly have their work cut out for them, considering they will have 9 players who are free agents this summer. However, with a person like Rob Pelinka spearheading the operation, there will likely be some savvy moves to come in the future. While there will have to be external moves to make the Lakers better, it seems as though Johnson views Anthony Davis playing at the center as an important aspect of the Lakers potentially bouncing back and playing up to their contender status.