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Jared Dudley Says Anthony Davis Is Better Than Tim Duncan: "I Think AD Is Way More Talented, Better Defensively, He Can Guard. I Think AD Has Another Level. We All Agree On It.”

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

It's pretty safe to say that Anthony Davis is a special talent. He's surpassed all expectations that come with being the first overall pick of the NBA Draft, becoming the first player to ever win an NCAA Championship, NBA Championship, FIBA World Cup, and Olympic gold medal.

Davis is the best two-way big man in the world and already one of the most talented and impactful of all time, and even though he's just scratching the surface of his potential, it's clear that he's got everything it takes to be in the Hall of Fame already.

And, according to his teammate Jared Dudley, Davis isn't just the best in the game right now but also even better than legendary big man Tim Duncan, one of the greatest two-way players to ever do it:

“When you’re posting up and they’re doubling you,…you’re Anthony Davis, they can’t take you out just by doubling the folks, because you have a mid-range game… He shot, I think 50% from the mid-range jump shots, it’s unheard of. Tim Duncan, all these guys that had it. I think Duncan was more of a set standard, in a sense that you knew exactly what you get from Duncan. He can go inside out, I think AD is way more talented, better defensively, he can guard one through five. I think AD has another level. We all agree on it," Dudley told The Ringer.

It's pretty normal to see NBA players raving about their current teammates and, to be fair, it does seem like Davis has all the tools to end up becoming the greatest two-way big in the history of the game.

Then again, there's no need to compare him to a former great like Tim Duncans, who piled up multiple MVPs, Finals MVPs, and NBA Championships before retiring and was also a synonym to durability. I guess time will tell.