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Jason Williams Picks LeBron James As The GOAT, But Says He Would Pick Michael Jordan If He Needs A Win Tonight Or A Bucket Right Now

Jason Williams Picks LeBron James As The GOAT, But Says He Would Pick Michael Jordan If He Needs A Win Tonight Or A Bucket Right Now

The GOAT debate between LeBron James and Michael Jordan seems like a never-ending one. Be it fans debating on Twitter or even the mainstream media, the GOAT debate has been a regular feature for some time.

While players like Kobe Bryant and others have been mentioned at times, the two constant in the debate has been LeBron and MJ. Given that Jordan had probably the perfect career for a player and LBJ is one of the most consistent players in history, it is unsurprising to see why the two have stood the test of time.

Recently, NBA champion and former Miami Heat point guard Jason Williams chipped in on the debate. In the latest episode of the Jason Williams show, 'White Chocolate' picked LeBron James over Michael Jordan. (41:51 onwards):

"I'm picking LeBron. Bro, I mean, I'm never going to change. ... I'm not a big stat guy. I mean, I think it matters a little bit, but I just look at you as a player."

This is not the first time that a former player has picked LeBron over MJ. Jordan's former teammate Scottie Pippen also picked Bron over his former teammate in the GOAT debate and so did former Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas.

In his show, Jason Williams gave his reasoning behind choosing LBJ as the GOAT. Comparing the two, Williams said:

"I think LeBron could do more as a basketball player, like handle the ball, pass the ball, you know, just stuff like that... But that's not to say Jordan couldn't do some things better than LeBron could do. I just think LeBron could do more things better."

Although the former NBA champion claimed LeBron is the GOAT in his opinion, he still claimed that he would pick Michael Jordan if he needed a bucket or a win in the night.

"I like the way LeBron plays the game, as a team guy, more so than MJ did... But if I need a win tonight or I need a bucket right now, I'm taking MJ. But as a player, I'm taking LeBron."

It was certainly interesting to see how Williams picked Jordan to score a bucket rather than Bron in crunch time. Given that LBJ has developed a pass-first reputation, choosing a certified bucket-getter like Michael Jordan certainly makes sense.

This GOAT debate is never ending for a reason, as there are multiple reasons someone would prefer Jordan over Bron or vice versa. Given how different the play styles of LeBron and MJ are, it comes down to who a person prefers to watch. Who do you prefer in the GOAT debate?