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Jayson Tatum Gets Huge Praise After Amazing Performance In Game 6: "That's Everything We Wanted To See From The Guy..."

Jayson Tatum

After a miraculous comeback against the Cs on Wednesday, the Milwaukee Bucks were looking to send their opponents home once and for all. Instead of falling flat, the Celtics rallied in Game 6 to produce a crucial victory and stave off elimination. Now, the series pivots to Game 7, in a winner-take-all match for the ages.

On Twitter, fans reacted to everything and gave praise to Jayson Tatum, who dropped 46 points and 9 rebounds.

It was a true masterpiece for Tatum, who has been on the verge of superstardom for years. In the regular season, he averaged 26.9 points and 8 rebounds on 45% shooting. Now, he's leading his Celtics as they head into a Game 7 against the defending Champions.

This is a turning point for the young forward, and he is set to come out of it as one of the best players in basketball, perhaps even better than Kevin Durant himself:

"What we are witnessing is Tatum and Brown and that group entering their prime," said one NBA Scout on Tatum and Kevin Durant. "Whereas (Durant) is on the back end of the prime. Those guys are not chopped liver, man. I mean, I’ll tell you right now, obviously, I think most people think if you (evaluate) his career that Durant is a better player than (the 24-year-old) Tatum. I mean, if nothing else, it’s the track record. But if you gave me a choice of which one I would take from this point forward, it’s not even close to me… To me, if you’re watching the game and you didn’t know who these guys were, I’m not watching Durant (and saying), 'That’s the best player on the floor.' I’m not so sure Tatum’s not (the best)."

Game 7 is on Sunday, and the stakes couldn't be higher. But, whatever happens in this series, the Celtics can rest easy knowing they have Tatum to lead them into the future. As a young star heading into the peak of his powers, we are seeing him take over in front of our very eyes. So long as Boston has him, they will have a chance to win.

This summer, it will be interesting to see what the team does to make their roster even better and help Tatum maximize his skills with players that best support his game.

If done right, this could be the beginning of a true dynasty for the Celtics.