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Jayson Tatum Had 4 Airballs In The 2nd Half Of Game 5, 3 Of Which Were Against Andrew Wiggins

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Andrew Wiggins is one of the best defenders in the league. He is an athletic forward with length, and there's no doubt that he is capable of bothering even the league's top superstars.

A recent post by Redditor BearsNecessity revealed that Andrew Wiggins forced Jayson Tatum into 3 airballs during the 2nd half of Game 5. The data was sourced through

Tatum started Game 5 hot, sitting at 9/12 from the field midway through the 3rd quarter.

He would then make one shot in the final 16 minutes, and would not hit rim on four. Andrew Wiggins was the primary defender on the first three airballs.

3:14, 3rd quarter: Tatum jab-steps twice on Andrew Wiggins, then throws up what looks like a very long two (foot on the line) that goes well beyond the rim.

0:59, 3rd quarter: Wiggins forces Tatum to his left on an off-balance midrange fadeaway, contests him well, and Tatum this time comes up well short.

5:58, 4th quarter: Wiggins again forces Tatum to his left from the top of the key. Tatum backs him down and attempts another fadeaway but Wiggins has another great contest and it falls well short of the mark.

2:27, 4th quarter: Tatum forces the Looney switch, but again Looney forces him to the left and Tatum has to take a contested stepback three going to his weakside.

There's no doubt that this was some fantastic defense from Andrew Wiggins, especially considering the fact that Jayson Tatum was hot throughout the game. Hopefully, he is able to continue on the same track for the rest of the series.

Andrew Wiggins has gotten some recognition for what he was able to do in the Finals already. Perhaps he will show up again in Game 6, and the Warriors will need his defense if they are to close out the Boston Celtics.