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Jeff Teague Jokes After Winning An NBA Championship: "I Just Got An A On The Group Project"

Jeff Teague Jokes After Winning An NBA Championship: "I Just Got An A On The Group Project"

For Jeff Teague, this season was a tale of two halves. Teague started the season with the Boston Celtics but was traded to the Orlando Magic on trade deadline day. Surprisingly, the Magic waived Teague two days after his arrival, as they prepared to begin their rebuilding process. In came the Milwaukee Bucks, and signed the former NBA All-Star to a contract. Teague was brought in as a backup guard to Jrue Holiday.

 But Teague proved to be a key contributor for the Bucks throughout their playoff campaign. And in the end, he ended up doing his job for the team and getting the ultimate reward - an NBA Championship. Despite him carrying his weight for the team, Teague thinks that he got an A on the group project without doing too much work.

During the Milwaukee Bucks NBA championship celebration, Teague was seen as celebrating ecstatically. And after the on-court celebrations, Teague was seen walking the hallways of the arena. There, the Bucks' social media team had a cameraman who caught him saying "I got an A on the group project". He was referencing the popular meme where a group does well in a school assignment when a few people did the work. While Teague was not the star of the team, he played important minutes for the Bucks. But still, he saw the humor in his achievement.

For Teague, it felt as though his career was on the downward trend when he joined Milwaukee. Teague had found success in the NBA, becoming an All-Star in 2015 when he was playing for the Atlanta Hawks. But over the last few seasons, Teague had bounced around from different franchises such as Indiana, Minnesota, Boston, and Atlanta. So when he got waived from the Orlando Magic, it seemed as though the veteran guard would not get a chance to win a title in his career. But now that he is an NBA champion