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Jimmy Butler Roasts His Teammates On Instagram Stories After Win vs. OKC: "Airballed... Sorry A**... He Stinks..."

Jimmy Butler Roasts His Teammates On Instagram Stories After Win: "Airballed... Sorry A**... He Stinks..."

The Miami Heat are one of the funniest teams to watch in the NBA this season. The Floridian team started the campaign in a great way, collecting big wins that took them to the top of the Eastern Conference. 

Things got a little complex after entering a 3-game losing streak, but they've bounced back now, ready to dominate as they did at the beginning. Jimmy Butler is the leader of the squad and just like he supports his teammates, he's ready to trash them

After the Heat beat the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday, the veteran swingman took to Instagram to take some shots at his teammates, mocking them for making bad plays and missing shots. He targeted Kyle Lowry, Duncan Robinson, and Max Strus, sharing stories for each of them.

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"Turnover for [Kyle Lowry] sorry ass."

"[Duncan Robinson] missed this shot. He stinks."

"This the one [Max Strus] airballed."

The Heat currently have a 9-5 record, ranking 4th in the Eastern Conference. They are still one of the top teams in the East and hope to keep the pace tonight when they face the struggling New Orleans Pelicans. 

After reaching the Finals in the 2020 Orlando bubble and getting swept in the first round of the 2021 playoffs, Erik Spoelstra has a talented team to relive old glories. They are on the right track to be successful and next year we'll discover if they're good enough to aspire to the championship. 

Butler has become a terrific leader for the Heat. He's a very fun guy and doesn't hesitate to defend his teammates. They have big aspirations this season and the camaraderie in the locker room is very cool. Hopefully, they improve their level this week so Jimmy won't call them out on Instagram.