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Jimmy Butler Calls Duncan Robinson His 'Dumbest Teammate' Ever

Jimmy Butler Calls Duncan Robinson His 'Dumbest Teammate' Ever

Jimmy Butler is all about that tough love, but he's one of the coolest guys out there. His competitiveness is off the charts, as he always wants to see his teammates giving their best. The Miami Heat is his place in the world and his living his best life with the Floridians. 

Jimmy gives us good jokes every now and then, even if he has to go after his agent or one of his teammates. After asking Kyle Lowry for an expensive gift for his daughter, Jimmy charged against Duncan Robinson, calling him his 'dumbest teammate' ever. 

After the Heat beat the Charlotte Hornets on Friday night, the swingman was asked about the team's basketball IQ. He saw a chance and took it, jokingly dissing Robinson. 

“I’ve played with some pretty smart players before, and Duncan’s like the dumbest one out of all of them… I’ve been around some Hall of Famers, really great players. It helps when you got guys that are extremely smart and know the game….except for Duncan. He dumb.”

This is classic Jimmy Butler. The player values all his teammates, but that doesn't mean he won't joke about them. Robinson has earned his spot on the Heat, becoming one of the most important players on the squad. 

The sharpshooter did a great job during the Heat's 2020 Finals run, and even though things changed a little last year, he's ready to bounce back this campaign. The Heat have a terrific roster, adding pieces that will enhance their level. 

They are 4-1, enough to rank 2nd in the East, tied with the New York Knicks, Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls. Miami is one of the contenders for this season and Butler and Robinson will be crucial if they want to return to the Finals.