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John Hollinger Takes A Big Shot At Jason Kidd: "Finally The League Has A Coach Who Can Shut Down Luka Doncic"

John Hollinger Takes A Big Shot At Jason Kidd: "Finally The League Has A Coach Who Can Shut Down Luka Doncic"

The Dallas Mavericks had a terrible start to the 2021/22 season, getting dominated by Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks on Thursday night. The Texan team landed in State Farm Arena trying to start their new cycle with a win, but none of that happened.

Instead, they were held to under 90 points, showing a poor face against the 2021 Eastern Conference finalists. Luka Doncic didn't have the best night, posting only 18 points while Kristaps Porzingis added 11. Even after one game, the alarms are set for the Mavs. 

The Athletic's senior writer John Hollinger had certain things to say following the game, going after Jason Kidd, taking a big shot at the former Milwaukee Bucks, Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers coach. 

"Finally the league has a coach who can shut down Luka Doncic," Hollinger tweeted Thursday night. 

His words sparked many reactions from the NBA community. Some fans defended Kidd and blamed Doncic for the 113-87 loss. Others agreed with the writer, saying that this was the result they expected since the moment the Mavericks hired Kidd. 

Jason landed in Dallas to replace Rick Carlisle. The relationship between the old coach and the players wasn't the best, which led to some rift within the team. This start doesn't look promising for the Mavericks, either, and not many people believe they can turn things around. 

They want to finally get past the first round of the playoff, but the job won't be easy. Kidd needs to find his touch with this team and get the players on the same page as him. Once that happens, this team will be a threat to the rest of the West. 

If Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis finally click, Kidd's job will be a lot easier. However, seeing how his tenure with the team started, he'll probably have more things to fix than initially expected.