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Paul George On Guarding Stephen Curry: "He's Just The Complete Package Offensively... It Just Takes A Whole 5 Players To Have An Awareness Of Where He's At."

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Stephen Curry and Paul George

Stephen Curry exploded for 45 points against the Los Angeles Clippers, and his scoring outburst sealed the victory for Golden State Warriors. He shot a scorching 8 for 13 from beyond the arc, and it was clear that there was no stopping him.

Paul George has recently opened up on what it's like to guard Stephen Curry, and stated that it "takes a whole 5 players" to be aware of where Curry is on the court at all times. Curry's off-ball prowess means that he requires constant attention from the defenses, as one lapse from any given defender means that Stephen Curry can have an open shot.

I think you just have to know where he's at. He's so good. He's just the complete package offensively. He's so good at shooting the three, but he's just so good at getting open for layups. He's mastered how to get free without dribbling the ball.

He's so elusive and quick... one second you look away he's gone, or you're not attached to him and he's gone. It just takes honestly, a whole five players to have an awareness of where he's at, because one step and he's out of there. And he shoots it so quick, you can't allow him to get free.

That's just what it is, when he gets going like that you gotta just crowd him. Try to force him to play into his body. You gotta try to wear him out.

Superstars generally take a lot of defensive attention, and Stephen Curry is no different. Some even consider Curry one of the most unguardable players of all time, simply due to the way he is able to warp an entire defense.

The Los Angeles Clippers will hope to do a better job defensively on opposing stars in their upcoming games. However, they won't be facing Stephen Curry every game, which means it will definitely be an easier time on their players. The Clippers without Kawhi Leonard could still be a very good team, and hopefully, they are able to make the playoffs this season.