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Shaq O'Neal Shares Pic Of The 4 Most Unguardable Players Of All Time

Credit: Slam Studios

Credit: Slam Studios

Shaquille O'Neal shared a post showing the four hardest players to guard in NBA history. This was, as usual, controversial since the Big Diesel snubbed another great name. 

Of course, Shaq didn't make the image but seeing that he re-posted it, people started wondering what this means. On an Instagram story, Shaq shared a post from Slam Studios showing the four hardest players to guard of all time. 

The pic showed Michael Jordan, him, Stephen Curry, and Kobe Bryant. 


The only active player on that list is Curry, who keeps showing his talent with the ball every single night. You can say more names deserve to be there, including LeBron James, another challenging star to guard, let alone stop or even lock down. 

James has so many tools to get past his defenders or set his teammates up that it is very hard to stop him from damage your team. 

Of course, fans noticed that and started debating, saying that the Los Angeles Lakers superstar deserves to be there. In contrast, others defended Steph's addition to the list and dropped other names like Kevin Durant, James Harden and even Wilt Chamberlain. All these players are featured on our top 10 most unguardable players list. 

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LeBron's name will always bring controversy. The King is one of the most polarizing players in the league, and, when you have a list like this one, the debate will always be heated.