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John Wall Pulls Off A 360 Dunk During Practice With The LA Clippers: "Vintage Wall"

John Wall Pulls Off A 360 Dunk During Practice With The LA Clippers: "Vintage Wall"

John Wall is ready to have a massive comeback season and make the LA Clippers championship favorites after the team finally solved their point guard issues by signing Wall as a free agent. The former All-Star has had a tough few seasons, dealing with injuries and then being forcefully benched by a tanking Houston Rockets that couldn't find a trade partner for him.

Wall recently revealed the challenges he faced during the toughest time of his career, dealing with almost getting his foot amputated and his own personal demons. The star guard was contemplating taking his own life but is thankfully still among us and will be in regular action next season.

He's getting ready to play basketball after being a healthy scratch last year and is already looking solid in practice. He threw down a 360 dunk to remind people of the electrifying point guard he was on the court prior to injuries derailing his career.

How Valuable Is John Wall's Addition To The LA Clippers?

John Wall fills a need on the Clippers that they haven't had since the team was put together around Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in 2019. Playmaking. Point guards for the Clippers in this time have primarily been Patrick Beverley and Reggie Jackson, with one man being a defensive specialist and the other being a scorer. Neither man could playmaker for the team consistently and in the playoffs.

The lack of playmaking really hurt the Clippers last season and will be a limitation for them if they want to achieve their championship ceiling. Even if Wall isn't the 20-point scorer he once was, he definitely set the floor up for the Clippers' wing-heavy roster that many expect to compete for the title this season. 

Wall is playing for a lot more than a championship as he is getting a chance to rekindle his love of basketball after 4 tumultuous years. He's going to compete every night in the quest to bring a championship to the Clippers.