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Jordan Poole Shares His Goals: "All-Star? Yeah, Why Not? Championship? Why Not?"

Jordan Poole

Jordan Poole has been one of the emerging young talents in the league. He is an electric shooting guard with a smooth handle and perimeter shot creation ability. He has been the No. 3 scoring option for the Golden State Warriors, averaging 17.9 PPG.

When speaking to Grant Liffman on the Dubs Talk podcast, Poole stated that he wants to be an All-Star and win a championship. Poole claimed that there has "never been anything" that "felt too challenging" to the point where it was out of his reach. It is clear that the young shooting guard has a ton of confidence, and an All-Star appearance may well be in the cards for him. Taylor Wirth of NBC Sports relayed the news.

"I did it," Poole told Grant Liffmann on the latest episode of the Dubs Talk podcast. "I did what I needed to do for the small-town kids' dreams. I said with [being in COVID-19 protocol], 'Let's re-evaluate, what can we actually do?' There's never been anything I've seen that has felt too challenging to where it's like there's no way I'll be able to do that.

"All-Star? Yeah, why not? Championship? Why not? I'm seeing some of the best players in the world every single day in our facility. If they're doing it, I can just follow their path, it works for them. I try and apply it to what I can do and I'll give myself the best chance. In terms of if there is anything that I want to do, yeah All-Star, win a championship, shoot [90 percent] from the line. Stuff like that."

As Jordan Poole mentions, "some of the best players in the world" are helping him find his way. Having Stephen Curry and Draymond Green as his mentors will likely help Jordan Poole find greatness, as those two are future Hall-of-Famers themselves.

The Golden State Warriors are the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference, with Jordan Poole being crucial to that happening. He may however be relegated to the bench soon, as coach Steve Kerr has already stated that Klay Thompson will be immediately starting for the team. Hopefully, Jordan Poole is able to thrive in his new role, and the goal for the Warriors this year will be winning the championship.