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Josh Giddey Now Holds The Top 3 Spots For Youngest Player To Record A Triple-Double

Josh Giddey Now Holds The Top 3 Spots For Youngest Player To Record A Triple-Double

The Oklahoma City Thunder have been committed to the rebuilding process since they traded away Russell Westbrook and Paul George, acquiring several assets and draft capital in the hope of building a contender in a few seasons. And it would seem that they've already hit on one of their picks, with 19-year-old Josh Giddey impressing greatly in his rookie season for the Thunder. 

He had a triple-double against the New York Knicks in a win on Monday night, his second in as many games and his third overall since he came into the NBA this season. What's more, it came at Madison Square Garden and he scored a whopping 28 points while doing it as well. In doing so, he now holds the top 3 spots in terms of youngest players to record a triple-double in the NBA.

this isn't the only impressive record Giddey set on the night, considering that this was his second consecutive triple-double, he joined the rare company on that front as well. Giddey became just the 7th rookie in the history of the NBA to record back-to-back triple-doubles, and just the 3rd rookie in the last 20 years alongside Luka Doncic and Ben Simmons to record 3 triple-doubles or more in their first season.

The fact that he managed a career-high 28 points while doing so against the Knicks is also a hugely positive sign for the Thunder as he's not shown that much consistency with his scoring yet. Giddey is averaging 12.3 points on the season, which is good for a rookie, but will need to improve if he wants to elevate his game to superstar status.

All the signs have been pointing in the right direction for the youngster and OKC though, Giddey is already growing into the NBA despite not even having turned 20 years old yet. The Thunder are a lottery team this season, meaning they will again be able to pick high in the draft and try and find some more high-end talent before their current youngsters like Giddey are ready to start winning games consistently.