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Jusuf Nurkic Takes A Huge Shot At Kendrick Perkins: "I Guess If He Was In The League Today He'd Be A Mascot."

Jusuf Nurkic Takes A Huge Shot At Kendrick Perkins- "I Guess If He Was In The League Today He'd Be A Mascot."

Damian Lillard is definitely Portland's best player, and obviously their most valuable. But when it comes to making a unique and unmistakable impact on the floor, Jusuf Nurkic is the key.

The big man is a multi-faceted center who can score, pass, and defend, all of which he has shown in full display against the Denver Nuggets in round 1.

So after the Blazer's 20 point win on Saturday, he shot back at some of the haters, including ESPN analyst, and former NBA big man, Kendrick Perkins.

What prompted that response by Nurk? A tweet from KP after Game 2, in which he called Jusuf and Enes Kanter the worst defensive bigs in the game.

Perkins also responded to Nurkic's clap-back:

Obviously, Portland isn't a very good defensive team. In fact, they're one of the worst in the NBA, which is why they're only the 6th seed. 

But to call Nurk one of the worst defensive big men in the league might be a stretch considering the team would be far, far worse without him. He makes a notable impact on that end of the floor, and being healthy has definitely made the Blazers much better defensively.

As for where Perkins would be if he was in the NBA today, we'll leave that to speculation.

Game 5 is on Tuesday, where Denver will be fighting for a 3-2 lead on their home court. If Nurk really wants to silence the haters, he'll show up and deliver big for his team when it matters most.