Kawhi Leonard On Luka Doncic: "He's A Hell Of A Player."

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The Clippers/Mavs series is the only first-round matchup to reach a Game 7, and it has happened in the weirdest way possible.

For the first time in league history, the road teams have won all 6 games, and for no discernable reason.

With the stage set for a Game 7 on Sunday, Kawhi Leonard reflected on the series and his matchup against Luka, admitting that the young star has some serious game.

Luka is the main remain reason why the Clippers are having such a tough time getting past the Mavericks.

Every game this series, he has absolutely torched them with his footwork and shot-making ability. Even with Kawhi on him, he dropped 29 on 11-24 shooting.

For Game 7, the Clippers will have to slow him down if they want their best chance to win. Without Luka, the Mavs just don't have enough juice to advance, and everyone knows it.

At this point, it's on L.A. to prove they're a good defensive team and try their best to limit what Doncic can do on the court.

At the very least, it's a good sign that Kawhi isn't underestimating him. They seem to have their priorities straight for this final game.