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Keith Pompey Reveals Crucial Reason Why The Philadelphia 76ers Will Not Trade For James Harden Before Summer 2022: "They’re Concerned About Any Potential Tampering Allegations"

Keith Pompey Gives Crucial Update About Philadelphia 76ers' Concern To Trade For James Harden: "They’re Concerned About Any Potential Tampering Allegations"

By now, everyone is aware of the fact that there is some type of disruption inside the Brooklyn Nets organization. For the last few weeks, there have been major rumors about the franchise potentially trading away its superstar James Harden.

Harden was brought to the team in order to complete an unstoppable superteam alongside Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Unfortunately, due to various reasons that haven't been the case for the Nets.

If anything in absence of KD and the partial absence of Irving, Harden has been forced to carry the team on his shoulders. Moreover, the former MVP hasn't been successful in doing that either.

Following the team's recent defeat against the Denver Nuggets, the Nets have now lost their last 8 games. It is becoming a concern for the once-conference leaders this season.

It seems like Harden is equally frustrated due to this poor run of form as many have reported that the Beard wants out of the team and the Nets are ready to hear offers from him before the February 10, 2022, deadline. On the other hand, some are saying that there is no bad blood between the two sides.

Well, NBA reporter Keith Pompey weighed in on the matter in a recent article. He wrote:

Via Inquirer:

People are saying one thing to one person and saying something completely different to someone else. I get the impression that that’s epitome of the entire situation on all fronts. I get the impression that they want Ben and they know the Harden thing is coming to an end and it’s not working anyway Yet, sources have said some in the organization are privately questioning his commitment to remaining in Brooklyn, and becoming frustrated with the uncertainty. A source added that despite the public support, key players wouldn’t be disappointed if Harden is moved due to the uncertainty of how he truly feels. That’s where Simmons comes in... And as has been noted before, Harden has close relationships with Morey, Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin, and Sixers CEO Tad Brown. That’s where the tampering concerns arisen. A source said NBA teams fear that Rubin is putting things in place for a forced sign-and-trade through back channels. Teams think that’s why the Sixers are content with waiting until the offseason to deal Simmons. People close to the Sixers deny the team is holding out for Harden or that they’re concerned about any potential tampering allegations."

If the said sources have their facts verified, then it will not be a surprise if the Nets trade Harden before Thursday's trade deadline.

After all, with the league rules as strict as ever, the 76ers will like to avoid getting any tampering allegations. It will only bring them a lot of trouble in the future.