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Steve Nash Reveals Brooklyn Nets Won't Trade James Harden

James Harden Reportedly Hasn’t Enjoyed Living In Brooklyn As He Did In Houston

James Harden has had a solid season as a member of the Brooklyn Nets this year. He is currently averaging 22.5 PPG, 8.0 RPG, and 10.2 APG this season as the team's point guard.

There has been some talk about James Harden potentially getting traded ahead of the deadline. Shams Charania has previously stated that the Nets could part with James Harden in exchange for Ben Simmons

With that being said, it seems as though the organization will end up keeping James Harden. Coach Steve Nash has recently stated that the Brooklyn Nets will not trade James Harden. James Harden is a better individual player than Ben Simmons, and there's no doubt that the Nets have a better chance of winning the championship if he remains in Brooklyn.

Reporter: It sounded like, and I don't want to misinterpret you, that you guys are not trading James Harden.

Steve Nash: Yes

There is no doubt James Harden is crucial to what the Brooklyn Nets do on the offensive end. He runs the offense for the team, and that allows Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant to focus on scoring. He is also a fantastic rebounder. James Harden has been out with a hamstring injury recently, and hopefully, he returns soon.

It is quite obvious that the Brooklyn Nets are in a tough spot currently. They have now lost 8 in a row, and there is no team that has managed to win a championship after losing 7 or more in a row. However, the talent that the Brooklyn Nets have assembled on the roster gives them a chance to make history in this scenario. Kevin Durant has been playing at an MVP level when healthy, and James Harden has obviously been quite good. Even if Kyrie Irving is a part-time player, those two when healthy give them a chance against any team.