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Kendrick Perkins Believes Chris Paul Should Be In The MVP Conversation: "We Need To Keep The Same Energy That We Had When Steve Nash Won MVP..."

Chris Paul

The Phoenix Suns are currently 18-3, and they are one of the two best teams in the Western Conference. A huge part of their success has been Chris Paul, who is currently playing phenomenal basketball. As of now, Paul is averaging 14.4 PPG and 10.2 APG, and it is clear that he is one of the reasons that the Suns' offense is a well-oiled machine.

Kendrick Perkins has recently claimed that Chris Paul deserves to be in the MVP conversation. When explaining why, Perkins referenced Steve Nash's MVP-winning seasons, where he put up similar numbers to Chris Paul.

No disrespect to Deandre Ayton, I think he's playing phenomenal basketball. No disrespect to Devin Booker or Mikal Bridges and everybody else who has contributed.

But look, let's take it a step further. Why is Chris Paul not in the conversation of MVP. I understand Steph Curry, Giannis, and Kevin Durant. But Chris Paul need to be in that top-5 conversation.

We need to keep the same energy that we had when Steve Nash won the MVP, when he was averaging 15 points and 11 assists. Right now, Chris Paul is averaging 14 points, 10.5 assists, they're on a 18 game winning streak, and they arguably the best team in the league right now.

You know who is the most clutch player in the 4th quarter. Chris Paul. Put that man n the conversation as MVP.

Every team that Chris Paul goes to starts to win more, and his impact on the Phoenix Suns was evident last year when they went to the NBA Finals. From an impact on his team perspective, it's easy to see why Kendrick Perkins believes that Paul should be in the MVP conversation.

It remains to be seen if Chris Paul does end up winning MVP. There is certainly a lot of competition for the award, and some of the superstars that Perkins mentions such as Stephen Curry will certainly make it difficult for Chris Paul to win. But nothing is impossible, and perhaps we'll see Chris Paul hoist his first MVP award this season.