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Kendrick Perkins: 'Kyrie Irving Started Unnecessary Drama Between The NBA Brothers Which Is Something We Don’t Need Right Now.'

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kendrick Perkins has taken a shot at Kyrie Irving for his stance on the NBA resuming plans. Irving held a group call with about 80 players on Friday where he shared his concerns about the league's return and how that could affect the fight of black people against racial injustice.

The US is having plenty of protests right now due to racial injustice and police brutality, which Kyrie believes would be affected if the league returns.

Perkins wasn't so happy about this and he took to Twitter to show his disagreement with Kyrie's stance, recalling the things Kyrie said at the beginning of the month about joining the Brooklyn Nets in Orlando as an inactive player, calling him out for creating 'unnecessary drama'.

"I’m sooo damn confused when it comes down to Kyrie Irving....just 9 days ago he was saying this now all of sudden it’s something different?! Now he’s started unnecessary drama between the NBA brothers which is something we don’t need right now," he wrote while quoting a tweet of Adrian Wojnarowski revealing Kyrie's initial plans.

It would be interesting to see why Kyrie changed his mind so quickly when he first stated he was going to Orlando. He even said he could leave everything he has for social reform, so you know this guy is talking very seriously.

Besides Irving, Dwight Howard, Lou Williams and Stephen Jackson among others, also spoke out against the league's plans to resume the campaign. Kyrie sparked something inside these men that now are reluctant to go play in Orlando while the country is having a big crisis.

Of course, not everybody will agree with the Nets point guard and Perk's comments are the prime sample of that. Let's not forget that LeBron James is pushing for the return of the 2019/20 season.