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Kendrick Perkins Says Ben Simmons’ Trade Saga Could Hurt NBA Players In The Future

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Ben Simmons is the man of the hour around the NBA right now. Everybody's chiming in and giving their takes on his trade saga, and not always lauding him for his desire to leave.

Former NBA players like Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal have been pretty harsh on Simmons, whereas Stephen A. Smith also called him out for forcing his way out of the team.

But none had put things in perspective as Kendrick Perkins did. Recently, the former NBA champion explained how Simmons' trade saga could actually backfire and hurt the rest of the league in the future:

“I’m looking down the line in the future. When the CBA is up, guess who’s gonna be waiting at the front door?… It’s gonna be Adam Silver and the owners because here it is, Ben Simmons wants out, Philly trying to trade him. We don’t know what’s gonna happen," Perkins said on ESPN's The Jump.

“My thing why I’m disappointed in Ben Simmons is that you have a job," he added. "You have an obligation. You’re getting paid a whole lot of money. There’s guys before you who paved the way to make a lot of money. It’s your obligation to uphold that so that other guys that come behind you could get paid the same amount of dollars.”

What’s gonna happen is the next CBA, owners are gonna come up, and this is the first thing they’re gonna bring up. Hold on, we cannot be paying guys $150 to $250 million over five years. I think he’s being selfish and he’s not worrying about nobody else but Ben Simmons. You have to do your part because others paved the way for you," Perkins concluded.

Perkins is right on point there. Why would the owners risk losing a paying a lot of money for a guy that's going to sink his trade value a couple of years into his contract?

Simmons' saga could have big implications and set a dangerous precedent for his colleagues, so we'll have to wait and see how this situation unfolds.