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Kendrick Perkins Says Russell Westbrook Shouldn't Bother Showing Up to Lakers' Summer League Games: "They’re Trying To Trade You!"

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As the Lakers work to trade Russell Westbrook behind the scenes, the star point guard (and former MVP) continues to make his presence on the team known.

During L.A.'s Summer League game on Friday, Russ made a surprise appearance and showed up to cheer on his team. According to ESPN's Kendrick Perkins, he shouldn't have even bothered to show up at all.

"When it comes down to winning and the betterment of the team and making a business decision, the one thing I know about LeBron James: he don't give a damn about feelings. He wants to win. So if that means having to trade one of his close friends or a 'brother' he is going to do that. I can't be mad at Russell Westbrook for being mad. I'm mad at Russell Westbrook for actually showing up and attending Lakers events, like the Summer League, knowing that they're trying to trade you! I'm not showing up to nothing. As a matter of fact, get me out of here!"

Russ has got to know where he stands with the Lakers. This season was a nightmare for him, and the entire franchise suffered. By all accounts, another season with him, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis will yield the same result.

The fans have already given up on him and have been begging for a trade since the end of the season. And if LeBron's actions during Friday's Summer League game say anything, it's that he's done with Westbrook as well.

“For roughly an hour-and-a-half as LeBron James sat baseline for the Lakers’ opener at the Summer League in Las Vegas, he was treated to a parade of the elite guests in attendance,” Kyle Goon wrote in a recent article. “There was one notable exception among the visitors: Russell Westbrook, who sat in the opposite corner of Thomas & Mack Center next to the summer league players, stayed on the far side of James. The two superstar teammates – who as of now are scheduled to play together again come October – made no public acknowledgment of one another before Westbrook left the exhibition at halftime.”

Clearly, all is not well in Laker land. With Kyrie Irving on the table, and LeBron pushing his team to do whatever they can to get him, Westbrook's days as a Laker are numbered.

In the meantime, though, he'll have to play nice with the team, and all of his teammates, to secure all the leverage that he possibly can.