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Kenneth Lofton Jr. Is Listed At 6'7", 275 Pounds While Dominating With Louisiana Tech

Kenneth Lofton Jr. Is Listed At 6'7", 275 Pounds And Dominating With Louisiana Tech

Every now and then, we find unconventional players in college basketball. Most of the time, really tall players draw a lot of attention and we've also seen ballers playing with only one arm and still thriving. 

All these stories are great to watch, especially when players excel on the court. Yet, these aren't the only time when we see players who shouldn't dominate the court do so otherwise. In recent weeks, a Louisiana Tech standout has gotten a lot of attention thanks to his domination and phenotype. 

Kenneth Lofton Jr. plays as forward for the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs, and he's taken his game to the next level recently. Something interesting about Lofton Jr. is his body. He's listed at 6' 7", 275 lbs, which he always uses in his favor. 

He's very talented at the post and can finish with ease over his rivals. He's posted big games in recent duels, showing his domination. 

Social media has taken notice of him and started making comparisons between Lofton and Zion Williamson. The former Duke product has always been criticized for his weight, and plenty of fans saw the similarities between him and Kenneth. 

Still, the vast majority doesn't see him making it to the league, and the comparisons with the 2019 No. 1 overall pick end at the same place, he can't be good in the NBA given his weight.

Meanwhile, Lofton Jr. keeps showing his skills, dropping 30-pieces on his rivals. He's very agile despite his body and has several tricks to finish at the rim. Some say if he loses weight, he'll become a lot more dangerous. 

It remains to be seen if that comes to fruition. Right now, we just have to watch the big man doing his thing in college. Lofton Jr. is averaging 19.4 points, 11.3 rebounds and 1.8 assists per game while shooting 59.0% from the field.