Kenny Smith Replies To Charles Barkley Saying 'You Guys Have Been On My A** All Year': “It’s Easy, We Can All Fit.”

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Even though we're used to watching Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley going at it, trolling each other on the Inside the NBA studio. However, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson can make good jokes, too. 

We saw Smith going after Charles Barkley in recent hours, using a fat joke to blast the 1993 NBA MVP. While discussing the Phoenix Suns' win over the Denver Nuggets on Sunday, Kennie roasted Chuck in a big way. 

Chuck: “Not the series, the season. You guys have been on my a** all year.”

Kenny: “It’s easy, we can all fit.”

Charles didn't have more options than laughing, just like the rest of the crew. This is yet another proof that these men are really hilarious, and they enjoy spending time together. 

Their chemistry is big, and although some people wouldn't like these kinds of jokes, they're just messing with each other and nothing else. 

NBA fans really enjoy watching them, and every time they are together, you know you will have a good one.