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Kevin Durant And James Harden Spotted Working Out In Barcelona Amid Trade Rumors

Kevin Durant And James Harden Spotted Working Out In Barcelona Amid Trade Rumors

The Kevin Durant saga slows down for a couple of days before having another twist that engages fans again. It happened when KD first requested a trade from the Nets, then when the Boston Celtics appeared to be a strong candidate to land him, and more recently when the Philadelphia 76ers signed their name on the list of suitors for Durant's services. 

According to rumors, KD is seeing both the Celtics and Sixers as desired landing spots, which could make this race an exciting one for the 2x NBA champion. Durant met with Brooklyn Nets' owner Joe Tsai earlier this week to ratify his desire to be traded, as he doesn't like the direction the franchise is taking right now. 

Added to that, he's said to be interested in a move to Boston or Philly, as he's reportedly wanting to team up with James Harden again. These rumors are normal when somebody requests a trade, but KD was recently spotted going at it with James Harden in Spain, sparking more rumors about a potential move to Philadelphia. 

Spanish Youtuber Urihoops shared a series of pics and videos of Durant and Harden working out together in Barcelona. Urihoops claims that he wasn't able to record or take many pictures but still watched their training session, claiming that Harden missed a couple of shots. 

The video is from a couple of days ago, but this can easily explain and confirm that Durant indeed wants to join the Sixers. This can get very interesting in the next couple of days. First, he was spotted partying with Jayson Tatum, with many fans claiming that was the confirmation that he's ready to join the Celtics.

Now, he was seen with Harden, making things more confusing or clearer depending on who you are. The only certainty right now is that Durant wants to leave the Nets. It remains to be seen where he'll go next, but it's obvious that he has options, and the Sixers are taking this pursuit very seriously